5 Reasons To Support California Energy Production

Thanks to hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” – California is helping America to become (almost) energy independent while producing oil under the nation’s strictest environmental protections.

“We have the most intelligent regulation on the drilling of oil in the country.”

– Governor Jerry Brown

Domestic energy production has allowed gas and oil extraction to boom in the U.S., reducing our reliance on foreign oil from countries with fewer or no environmental protections. As the third largest oil producing state in the nation, continued in-state energy production in California plays a critical role in helping the nation achieve energy independence.

Here are 5 reasons to support California energy production:

  1. Oil produced in California stays in California. Our state produces nearly 200 million barrels of oil per year. A ban on fracking would result in 588 more tankers per year delivering oil to the California coast.
  2. Fracking Equals Jobs. The oil and gas industry in California is responsible for 455,940 good paying jobs for Californians.
  3. California has the strictest environmental protections in the world. Fracking in California is subject to the most stringent and transparent regulations of any state in the nation.
  4. Californians like their cars. In fact, our cars drive nearly 333 billion miles per year. That requires a lot of oil. And what isn’t produced in California will come by boat or by train.
  5. Fracking in California uses a small amount of water. California’s unique geology means we use significantly less water than other states. In fact, all hydraulic fracturing in California in 2012 used the same amount of water needed to keep just one golf course green for the year.

– See more at: http://energyindependenceca.com/5-reasons-to-support-california-energy-production/#sthash.7VsJdG39.dpuf

Californians for Energy Independence

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